Saturday, February 18, 2012

Immigrants and the Rule of Law

Immigrants and the Rule of Law, my seventh letter to President Obama at, AS POSTED on Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center's website, April 18, 2010.

Mr. President:

My Great Grandparents immigrated legally at the end of the 19th Century. They left behind everything they held dear for an opportunity to build a new life in a shining new world called the United States of America. There were no guarantees. They weren’t even sure they were going to be allowed to stay, but they were going to try, and they did it legally. They went to Ellis Island, went through the entire process to be allowed into our wonderful country. Then they loved this country enough to learn the language and the Constitution and become American citizens. It wasn’t sunshine and lollipops, either. They mined and worked in glass factories, but they loved this country, its Constitution, its language, its culture, its people.

I am proud of the contribution that LEGAL immigrants have made to this great nation of ours. I have never had a problem with immigration, but the one thing the federal government should be protecting us from is INVASION! That is precisely what this flood of illegal immigrants amounts to, is an invasion! Obviously, not only does the federal government not want to do its job, but when states like Arizona step up and fill in the gap, its leaders and its people are lampooned by our "betters." My hat is off to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, the Arizona legislature, and the people of Arizona.

The federal government has INSULTED every LEGAL immigrant that has ever left family and home to start a new life here. A nation has laws for a reason. They are the very fabric of society. If America continues long down this path it will cease to exist. You and your willing accomplices in Congress are ripping my country apart, and only because you are the President do I respectfully ask you, sir, to consider carefully what you are doing.

This was a direct email to President Barack Hussein Obama at WhiteHouse.Gov.