Monday, February 20, 2012

Obama's a Christian. NOT!


On Saturday, February 18, 2012, Rick Santorum told a tea party rally in Columbus, Ohio, that Barack Obama believes in a "phony ideology - not a theology based on the Bible,..."

Mr. Santorum was interviewed the next day on "Face the Nation," where he proclaimed "I accept the fact that the President is a Christian."


The idea that Barack Hussein Obama is a Christian is absolutely laughable! Jeremiah Wright, his "mentor" hates Christianity and America. Obama doesn't miss an opportunity to bow deeply to Arab and muslim world leaders. He encourages our enemies, giving them aid and comfort (Yes, and he's not alone. Perhaps we should expand the facilities at Leavenworth to get ready for an influx of "residents.")

The Bible tells that they will know we are Christians by our love one for another. Does this fit our Dear Leader? If there were any love there he wouldn't be taking away freedom, he would be following the Constitution. Instead of bypassing Congress, he would accept the will of the People. Instead of suing Arizona, he would ensure that the United States has strong borders, one language (English), and followed the mores of a single culture that is unmistakably American.

However, the best candidate the Republican Party can muster twists in the wind more easily than a mylar balloon! Even though Obama SHOULD BE defeated easily, our candidate MUST BE conservative, a strict constructionist, a patriot. But he/she must also be RESOLUTE! This election is about more than mere party loyalty; more than DemoRat vs. RepubliCan't. This is no less than a war to take back our country and RESTORE the blessings of Liberty to our children and grandchildren!