Thursday, February 6, 2014

My wife, Mary, has been in ICU since January 16 due to Influenza "B" and double pneumonia on top of her already scarred lungs. She's on a ventilator and I'm asking you for your prayers.

Dr. Brunson told me yesterday that some bean counter at Blue Cross Blue Shield made a 'financial decision' and would not allow the hospital to transfer Mary to a separate facility (called 'Select') that specializes in speech and physical therapy. He's preparing a grievance.

The doctor told me that Mary had had a rough night. The flu had caused a lot of damage to her lungs and that he has four other patients in ICU that are in the same condition. They've sedated her again (not as deeply as before) to make sure she rests and that will help her heal. Everything else is good (liver, kidneys, etc.).

Thank you for your prayers.

A note: Mary died on February 10 and had an easy ride home to be with the Lord. To all of you who prayed for her, my warmest, heartfelt thanks.