Saturday, March 1, 2014

MY TAKE on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

My take on the recent Russian invasion of neighboring Ukraine. Please forgive my limited knowledge of the region and allow me to take a little time with this one. Some are entertaining the idea that Putin MAY invade. He's ALREADY used hundreds of men to occupy the airport at Simferopol. Forgive me if I misunderstand the meaning of "invasion!" Ignoring the MSM's background info on Ukraine, which is totally incorrect, I went to the CIA's "World Factbook." More than three out of four are ethnic Ukrainians and less than a quarter are ethnic Russian; which is the exact OPPOSITE of what I heard on NBC (surprise, surprise).

Let's take a look at motives for an invasion:
  1. Militarily, the two nations are relatively weak unless they combine forces, including nuclear weapons and Black Sea ports in the Ukraine, Russia's army and air forces, and recombination of naval hardware and personnel.
  2. “Russia was founded in the Ukraine, in Kiev. Imagining a Russia without Kiev is like trying to imagine an America without Boston. Russia without the Ukraine is a country; Russia with Ukraine is an empire.” -  John Pike, director of
    The next move may be a return to Georgia or, possibly, Belarus, or both. Imagine (dare I make the comparison to the "War of Northern Aggression?") the U.S. split in two.
  3. Ukraine has a labor force of over 22 million, with agricultural wealth, metals, service industries, and industrial machinery.
  4. How far do I need to go?
Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych appears (conveniently, a day or two ago, in Moscow) again to seek the aid of his old friend Vladimir Putin.

Have I missed anything?

Oh, yeah! The Great Pretender, BHO, is expressing HizPenandPhoneMajesty's official displeasure and stomping his foot and threatening to boycott the G8 in, of all places, Sochi! It's a win-win for the Beltway Crowd and for their friends in the EU. Putin won't back down, and they get to say they tried, and B.O. gets to look like the great peacemaker.